Active Directory-Based Single Sign-On for Java/J2EE and Web Applications

The following plugins are now EOL and are not being actively developed. They will no longer be supported as of May 30th, 2018: 

Apache Httpd - ADFS 
Apache Tomcat - All 
Jboss - All 
WebSphere - All 
WebLogic All 
SAP Plugin - ADFS
The following plugins are still supported today, but will be replaced by new versions in the future:

Apache Httpd - Kerberos 
SAP Plugin - Kerberos 
DB2 – Kerberos

Improve user satisfaction and streamline IT operations by giving them a single password to access all web applications running on Apache, JBoss, Tomcat, WebLogic and WebSphere.

According to Meta Group, in the average large organization end-users have more than five user names and passwords. Multiple identity stores increase the risk of orphan accounts being compromised and also lead to delays in provisioning and updating accounts. The Centrify Suite delivers secure, centralized web single sign-on for extranet web applications running on Apache and popular J2EE servers — and at a fraction of the cost of older point solutions. IT departments can quickly provision accounts using existing Active Directory-based tools and processes, and turning off an Active Directory account immediately and reliably shuts off that user's access to all applications.

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