Free Mac Smart Card Support

Enables federal, military and contract employees to access protected websites, VPNs and secured email.

Centrify Express for Smart Card is a free, commercially available version of the same enterprise-hardened Centrify for Mac OS X Smart Card Edition in use across federal, defense and first-responder communities that require smart card authentication for CAC, CAC NG, and PIV smart cards. By quickly enabling Macs with smart card authentication, Centrify Express for Smart Card allows federal employees and contractors increased mobility and flexibility to access critical online resources and to send and receive confidential email using their Mac at home or from remote locations. Built and supported by a U.S.-based company headquartered in Silicon Valley, Centrify's free smart card offering is a mature solution backed by robust technical support.

With Centrify Express for Smart Card, you can:

  • Easily and securely access critical online resources.
  • Send and receive confidential email from home or other remote locations using their Mac systems.
  • Maximize productivity through increased mobility and flexibility.
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