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Establish Identity Assurance — detect threats in real-time with risk-based access controls for privileged accounts


Limit Lateral Movement — provide secure remote access for privileged users to targeted systems without the risk of broad VPN coverage


Enforce Least Privilege — provide just-in-time and just enough privilege and increase security and accountability by having fewer shared accounts and vaulted credentials


Audit Everything — track high-risk activity back to the individual, identify suspicious activity quickly and report on who did what, where and when and how they used their privileged access

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Centrify’s fully integrated privileged access security solution helps minimize your attack surface and control privileged access to your hybrid environment.

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  • Consolidate identities with a centralized enterprise authentication service
  • Stop in-progress attacks with risk-aware MFA at login, privilege elevation and password checkout
  • Grant just enough privilege across Windows Linux and UNIX systems
  • Monitor and record privileged sessions, and enforce accountability across all privileged activity