Complete Cloud Security with Centrify + Netskope


Netskope gives IT the ability to find, understand, and safely enable sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps.

Organizations can gain surgical visibility into cloud app usage, protect sensitive data using the industry's most advanced cloud DLP, and ensure compliance in real-time and retroactively for cloud-resident data, accessed via any device with industry-leading architectural coverage to address your needs now and in the future., including native apps on mobile devices.

Centrify Application Services integrates with Netskope to provide a unified identity platform that enables SaaS application security. By driving the authentication process through Centrify, Netskope obtains the necessary information about users, their devices and their location to effectively manage access to and monitor user activity within cloud apps.

“As organizations continue to seek the cost savings and increase in productivity associated with SaaS, they need a solution that not only safely enables the use of cloud apps, but also secures the identity of the users on their network. The integration of the Netskope Active Platform with Centrify Application Services provides these organizations with an industry-leading solution that delivers the most advanced cloud DLP, surgical visibility and control for both sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps, and a future-proof architecture that supports a variety of deployment options.”

- Rick Holden, VP of Business Development & Alliances, Netskope

Centrify Application Services integrates with Netskope to provide a comprehensive solution for provisioning, governing, and securing usage of cloud apps.

Netskope customers can use Centrify Application Services to:

  • Provide secure access to business-critical applications via directory integration
    Control access to cloud and mobile apps, and manage the devices used to access them. Keep sensitive directory info where you want it: on-site in LDAP or Active Directory, in the cloud, or any combination
  • Provision and de-provision users
    Automatically create accounts, manage access to those accounts, and revoke access from all devices when necessary — all from a central control point
  • Deploy Netskope’s Active Platform solution
    Centrify’s turnkey integration with Netskope provides seamless deployment of Netskope Active Platform solution, and ensures the appropriate cloud app traffic is monitored and protected
  • Enforce deeper security with per-app policies
    Centrify Identity Service provides context-aware, step-up authentication based on per-app policy. Users can re-authenticate simply using a mobile, phone, SMS, or email