Complete Cloud Security with Centrify + Skyhigh


Skyhigh Networks helps enterprises safely adopt cloud services gaining visibility into use and risk of cloud services, detecting threats, and seamlessly enforce security, compliance, and governance policies while leveraging your existing infrastructure.

Centrify Application Services integrates with Skyhigh Networks to provide a unified identity platform that enables SaaS application security. By driving the authentication process through Centrify, Skyhigh Networks obtains the necessary information about users, their devices and their location to effectively manage access to and monitor user activity within cloud apps.

“Centrify’s Application Services and the patented Skyhigh Pervasive Cloud Control enables frictionless and ubiquitous visibility and policy enforcement so that IT departments can provide BYOD access to cloud services, off-network access to cloud services and collaboration between employees, customers and partners. Skyhigh and Centrify deliver these capabilities without requiring an agent on the end-user’s device or otherwise impacting the end-user experience.”

- Chris Cesio, VP Business Development and Channels, Skyhigh Network

Centrify Application Services integrates with Skyhigh to provide a comprehensive solution for provisioning, governing, and securing usage of cloud apps.

Skyhigh customers can use Centrify Application Services to:

  • Provide secure access to business-critical applications via directory integration
    Control access to cloud and mobile apps, and manage the devices used to access them. Keep sensitive directory info where you want it: on-site in LDAP or Active Directory, in the cloud, or any combination
  • Provision and de-provision users
    Automatically create accounts, manage access to those accounts, and revoke access from all devices when necessary — all from a central control point
  • Deploy Skyhigh’s Pervasive Cloud Control
    Centrify’s turnkey integration with Skyhigh provides seamless deployment of Skyhigh’s Pervasive Cloud Control solution, and ensures the appropriate cloud app traffic is monitored and protected
  • Enforce deeper security with per-app policies
    Centrify Identity Service provides context-aware, step-up authentication based on per-app policy. Users can re-authenticate simply using a mobile, phone, SMS, or email