Identity Intelligence

Build Custom Dashboards for Greater Visibility

Enhance visibility across access information to ensure that policy is working as expected by building custom dashboards to better understand IT risk, as well as user experience, across applications, endpoints and infrastructure.

Identity Intelligence, Centrify Analytics Dashboard

Benefits of Identity Intelligence


Gain insight into privileged access activity with information related to unusual recent privilege change, command runs, target accessed and privilege elevation


Understand the risk nature of any specific event computed in real time for every event and expressed as high, medium or low for any anomalous activity.

Immediate Visibility with Flexible, Holistic View of Access Activity Across the Eco-system

Leverage a series of dashboards and interactive widgets to better understand IT risk and access patterns across applications, endpoints, and infrastructure. By tailoring security policy to each user’s behavior and automatically flagging risky behavior, gain immediate visibility into account risk, eliminating the overhead of sifting through millions of log files and massive amounts of historical data.


Rich Tools for Deeper Analysis

Better comprehend access and events by drilling into details around events, across device, location, time, privileged commands and more. Users can drill into individual events to understand the risk nature of any specific event. Risk is computed in real time for every event and expressed as high, medium or low for any anomalous activity.



Stop Breaches in Real-Time Based on User Behavior Webinar (Online)

Learn why new threats and today’s hybrid IT environment require changes to old security models and how risk-based access control combined with identity-based security defends your organization against the most common (by far) cyber attacks.

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