Investigative Analysis

Rich Tools to Better Identify Access Requests and Events

IT security and risk managers can take advantage of dynamic reports to quickly identify specific accounts that have been compromised, or why a user was prompted for MFA, blocked, or allowed access to applications or privileged access to infrastructure.


Benefits of Investigative Analysis


Leverage a powerful toolkit specifically streamlined for identity anomaly investigation


View session and detailed activity timelines from the Analytics portal


Quickly identify security factors that triggered an
anomaly alert


Play and easily re-play video sessions within the dashboard to minimize the overhead of switching views

Investigate Privileged Access Anomalies to Minimize Lateral Movement

Investigate anomalies stemming from privileged access activity by leveraging a powerful toolkit streamlined specifically for identity anomaly investigation. Discover the identity and access risks such as excessive, inappropriate and unused privileges, who setup the risk entitlement, user run as local admin, as well as user and domain admin effective rights on computers and access entitlement changes, among other factors.


Streamlined Threat Monitoring and Investigation

Gain streamlined insight into anomalous activity with a detailed timeline view. Identify the specific factors contributing to an anomaly for a comprehensive understanding of a potential threat, all from a single console. Security teams can view system access, anomaly detection in high resolutions with analytics tools such as dashboards, explorer views, and investigation tools, and replay a recorded session view from the timeline.



Centrify User and Privilege Analytics Services

A comprehensive overview and demonstration of Centrify User and Privilege Analytics Services through use case scenarios.