Risk-based Access Control

Leverage Machine Learning to Enable Access Based on User Behavior

Risk-based access uses machine learning to define and enforce access policies, based on user behavior. Through a combination of analytics, machine learning, user profiles, and policy enforcement, access decisions can be made in real time to streamline low-risk access, step up authentication requirements when risk is higher, or block access entirely.
Risk Based Access Control, RBAC Tools, Analytics security services by Centrify

Benefits of Risk-based Access Control


Increase security by blocking high-risk access attempts from attackers


Minimize the hassles of MFA, and simplify legitimate user access, with policy based on user behavior profiles


Reinforce privileged access policies with additional multi-factor authentication (MFA) when elevating privilege or logging into specific resources


Optimize end-user productivity with contextual controls

Risk-based Authentication

User access profiles are automatically created based on user behavior, with risk scores assigned to each access request made by users — across cloud, on-premises applications, VPN, and in the case of IT admins – privileged access. Factors that increase risk include access requests from atypical locations, networks, devices, from odd times or an unusual role.

Behavior Based multi factor authentication, Analytics security services by Centrify

Provide Context-Aware Access Decisions in Real Time

Events analyzed from the platform are used to profile the normal behavior pattern for a user on any login or privileged activity including commands, so anomalies can be identified in real-time to enable risk-based access control. High-risk events are immediately flagged, alerted, notified and elevated to IT’s attention, speeding analysis and greatly minimizing the effort required to assess risk across today’s hybrid IT environment.

behavior based access control for login and privilege


Stop Breaches in Real-Time Based on User Behavior Webinar (Online)

Learn why new threats and today’s hybrid IT environment require changes to old security models and how risk-based access control combined with identity-based security defends your organization against the most common (by far) cyber-attacks.

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