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Safeguarding VPN access with multi-factor authentication is simple with Centrify Identity Service. Quickly implement multi-factor authentication for practically any VPN, SSL VPN or other RADIUS-compliant resource. Centrify Identity Service supports the RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service) protocol. The majority of enterprise-class VPNs support RADIUS to manage remote user authentication.

MFA VPN, Multi Factor Authentication VPN, VPN Authentication solutions by Centrify

Key Features

  • Support for a broad range of VPN servers via the RADIUS RFC-2865 specification
  • Support for SSL VPNs
  • Cloud-based architecture eliminates need for on-premises hardware and speeds deployment of MFA
  • Policy engine delivers smarter, adaptive authentication
  • Wide range of authentication methods including:
    • Push notification to smartphones and smartwatches
    • One-time passcodes (OTP) via Centrify mobile authenticator
    • SMS
    • Email
    • Voice call
    • OATH-based software and hardware tokens
    • Smart Cards (PIV/CAC or USB PKI Keys like YubiKey)
    • Digital certificates


  • Protect your entire enterprise — VPN, on-premises apps and cloud apps
  • Deliver a convenient user experience
  • Flexible choices for additional authentication factors
  • Challenge for an additional factor based on context
  • Comply with regulations that require strong authentication
  • Reduce cost of implementing multi-factor authentication