Risk-Based MFA for Apps and More

Today’s attackers will find the weakest link in your security chain and exploit it. That’s why attacks based on compromised accounts are the cause of more than 60% of all data breaches. But trying to build policy for MFA that keeps data secure, without stopping user productivity, is a challenge that’s plagued IT since MFA’s inception.

To stop today’s most prevalent attacks, Centrify provides risk-based access control in combination with adaptive MFA for secure app access. With Centrify Analytics Service combined with Centrify Identity Service, users are only prompted for multiple factors when risk is high, and granted seamless single sign on whenever their risk is low. If an access request is too far outside the user’s typical behavior patters, Centrify can completely block that access in real time — stopping attackers who are attempting to exploit compromised user accounts.

Identity Analytics for App Access

Thanks to integrated machine learning in the Centrify Identity Platform, user access profiles are automatically created based on user behavior. Risk scores are then assigned to each access request made by users — across cloud and on-premises applications, VPN, and more. If the access is consistent with typical user behavior it presents low risk. Factors that increase risk include access requests from atypical locations, networks, devices, or from odd times.


Centrify then makes access decisions in real-time, at the point of access. Rather than forcing administrators to pore through historical data to see where breaches may have occurred, and then manually update policy where required, Centrify risk-based access stops anomalous activity in real time — at the point of access.

Flexible Policy – Full Security

IT can define flexible policy and deploy it by role, by app, by endpoint, and more — all from a simple management portal. With Centrify Analytics Service, this policy can include risk-level, as well as custom rules based on location, browser, operating system, network, user attributes, time of day and more — to combine high levels of assurance with low user frustration.

Balance Security and User Convenience

Secure your hybrid IT world, without frustrating your users. Get flexible policy and convenient authentication factors. Build security based on user context. Try Centrify risk-based MFA today.