Keep EchoSign's Signed Documents Secure with Centrify

Single Sign On to Adobe EchoSign and other apps

Enterprises are adopting e-signature solutions as a way to process contracts and other documents requiring legally binding signatures. Instead of printing, signing, scanning and faxing legal documents, Adobe EchoSign helps people electronically sign and process their paperwork legally, quickly and efficiently. Electronically signed documents enter workflows with a clear audit trail, and are secured with industry standard encryption.

Centrify Identity Service provides full account lifecycle management for EchoSign — including automated account provisioning and deprovisioning — with single sign-on tied to Active Directory. IT keeps centralized control over EchoSign app access and usage policies, and can monitor user activity — alongside all the other apps deployed within an organization.

What’s Included?

Integration with Active Directory

A five-minute install securely connects your Active Directory to Adobe EchoSign. Centrify works without sending sensitive Active Directory data into the cloud or to a third-party, and requires no changes to firewall policies. If your business doesn’t use Active Directory or wants 100% cloud-based identity for users outside of the corporate network, Centrify supports that too.

Automated Account Provisioning

When IT creates a new user in Active Directory, Centrify can automatically create an EchoSign account for them, with the correct authorization, and single sign-on access. When that user leaves, Centrify automatically revokes EchoSign access — ensuring only the right users have access at all times.

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Secure Browser Single Sign-on (SSO) with SAML

Provide one-click access to EchoSign — without adding another username and password for users to remember. Centrify leverages SAML for secure authentication without passwords, to provide one-click access to EchoSign and all your other cloud and mobile apps.

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Centrify and Adobe EchoSign

Centrify and Adobe have partnered to give EchoSign users single sign-on and provide IT with centralized management and security using existing infrastructure.