Single Sign-on for Microsoft SharePoint

Centrify Provides Single Sign-on for Microsoft Sharepoint and other cloud apps

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Centrify Identity Service delivers secure remote access to on-premises apps — including SharePoint — without a VPN. Now, Users get secure one-click access to SharePoint whether onsite or remote, and IT doesn’t have to hassle with VPN clients, concentrators, or configuration.

How It Works

With a single five-minute install of the Centrify Cloud Connector, you’re ready to encrypt and tunnel secure access to SharePoint. There’s no need to open ports in your firewall, thanks to an outbound connection from the Cloud Connector to the Centrify Identity Service.

Redundancy and failover is as simple as a second install — and since it’s a simple software agent, you can install on any domain-joined machine. No need for dedicated hardware, or additional infrastructure in your DMZ. In fact, if your users are in Active Directory, a single Cloud Connector can serve as both an Active Directory Proxy and an App Gateway.

Integrated Access — Everywhere

Users have nothing new to learn. When a user needs access to any app, in the cloud or behind your firewall, they just click or tap the app for seamless single sign-on.

Your mobile users are covered, as this single solution works across any device with an Internet connection.