Office 365 without ADFS

Save Time and Expense by Eliminating the Need for ADFS

Centrify provides a complete, Microsoft-validated replacement for Microsoft Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) for Office 365 single sign-on. ADFS requires specialized knowledge and significant investments in high-availability clustered servers, both inside the firewall and in the DMZ. Centrify for Office 365 delivers direct, seamless integration with Active Directory in minutes without the additional time and expense to install and configure new infrastructure.

The table below shows how Centrify addresses ADFS challenges that typically stall Office 365 deployments due to added complexity and expense.

Challenges With ADFS With Centrify
Additional hardware Two clustered servers in the DMZ; two clustered servers behind the firewall None
Firewall reconfiguration Requires hole in firewall None
Third-party certs Required None
Support for additional SaaS apps Requires individual configuration and debugging Choose from a rich catalog of pre-integrated apps
Time to implement 1-2 weeks for Office 365; days to weeks for additional apps Less than an hour for Office 365 or any other app
Total expense ADFS is free; $25,000 or more for additional hardware and services Free for up to 3 apps

If you're contemplating ADFS, you'll find that Centrify automatically includes additional benefits, including secure SSO via a user portal, DirSync replacement, and mobile management, policy and multifactor authentication (MFA).

Centrify's solution for Office 365 has passed Microsoft's rigorous "Works with Office 365" validation process.