Single sign-on for Workday

Centrify provides single sign-on and automated account provisioning for Workday and other cloud apps

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Workday cloud-based ERP products help companies reduce or eliminate hard-to-use, legacy apps for finance, HR, project management, and more. Workday supports enterprise single sign-on with Centrify Identity Service, making it easy to set up and administer multiple user accounts.

Centrify, IT can centrally provision new users, create custom access policies, and automatically revoke access when needed. Centrify’s enterprise-grade identity access management makes it easy for IT to deploy and manage how employees access Workday accounts.

Employees can log in securely from desktop or mobile devices, using their existing credentials. With Centrify, employees no longer need to remember a unique username or password.

The result: lower cost to roll out and manage Workday and other cloud services, and improved user adoption, satisfaction and productivity.

What’s Included?

Integration with Active Directory

A five-minute installation securely connects your Active Directory to Workday. Centrify works without replicating sensitive Active Directory data into the cloud or a third-party, and requires no changes to firewall policies. If your business doesn’t use Active Directory or wants 100% cloud-based identity for users outside of the corporate network, Centrify supports that too.

Secure Single Sign-on (SSO) with SAML

Provide one-click or one-tap access to Workday and all of your other cloud and mobile apps — without adding another username and password for users to remember. Centrify uses SAML for secure authentication without passwords.

Automatic Provisioning in Workday

With an integration to Centrify, Workday can serve as the master employee database. New hires, transitions and departures are managed within the HR system, while Centrify automatically provisions or de-provisions accounts into Active Directory and downstream productivity applications.

Here is a demo video of how the integration can help streamline user administration:

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