Mobile Application Management

Push, manage and wipe mobile applications across mobile devices. Ensure corporate data stays separate from personal data. Provide app single sign-on seamlessly. All with a unified policy.

Centrify Application Services provides integrated, identity-based mobile application management to drive secure productivity for end users.

Manage Apps from Anywhere

  • Centralized policy lets IT push apps from Google Play and the Apple App Store (including Apple’s Volume Purchase Program) to enrolled, managed devices.
  • Managed apps can be revoked to remove corporate data and access from devices, without wiping personal content like pictures and music.
  • Leverage identity-based security for Samsung devices from Centrify — the key OEM technology provider for the cloud and mobile identity management capabilities of KNOX EMM.

Self-Service and Automation

  • Employees enroll their own devices and IT automatically pushes the right apps to them based on their roles.
  • Provide secure certificate enrollment for access to Exchange without a dedicated standalone app, so users can access the native mail, calendar and contacts apps they prefer.

Authentication and Single Sign-on Services

  • Provide single-tap access to apps with secure PKI-based device enrollment and authentication.
  • Use mobile devices as a multi-factor authentication token, supporting one-time passcode for user authentication to specific apps or the User Portal.
  • Increase security with real-time push notifications to iOS, Android and Android Wear, when users attempt to access apps that require multi-factor authentication.
  • Leverage Centrify’s authentication SDK for single-tap access to enterprise mobile apps.

Unified Management for Cloud, Mobile and On-Premises Apps

  • Centrify’s Admin Portal allows IT to manage app policy across devices and apps, ensuring that users have the right access when they need it.
  • Revoke device access to all apps with a single click to prevent data theft from lost or stolen devices.
  • Ensure only authorized applications are installed for the right users, with an inventory of apps organized by user, group or device type.