Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Manage and secure all your BYOD and corporate-owned mobile devices with integrated policies across apps, devices and locations — all based on user identity.

Centrify provides the following key features to secure and manage mobile devices:

Active Directory or Cloud-based Management

  • Centralized device management via Active Directory or the Centrify Admin Portal ensures appropriate security settings, profiles, certificates and restrictions.
  • Group Policy-based management administers and enforces security settings, device and application restrictions over-the-air and in near real-time.
  • Active Directory device assignment associates each device with a unique user credential for ensured accountability and easy reporting.
  • Automated de-provisioning when user accounts are disabled or deleted guarantees all policies and data are removed and computer accounts and certificates are revoked.
  • Group-based enrollment ensures that only members of a specific domain or user group can enroll mobile devices, allowing organizations to set up device policies based on business need.

Self-service and Automation

  • Simple self-service device enrollment speeds BYOD device management with little or no administrative overhead.
  • Automated certificate enrollment secures access to Exchange, VPN and Wi-Fi, ensuring only assigned users can access sensitive corporate information.
    Unified management for mobile devices and Mac OS X.
  • Secure management and integrated app access policy across all devices.
  • Centralized device, system and application management in a single admin portal.

Enforce Security Policy Across Devices

  • Easily track and enforce the status of both company- and user-owned devices across your entire enterprise, organized by group or role.
  • Ensure only authorized applications are installed for the right users, with an inventory of apps organized by user, group or device type.
  • Wipe, lock, or un-enroll lost or stolen devices.
  • Detect and block rooted or jail-broken devices to improve the security of your environment.

Centrify's mobile security management solution supports all popular mobile devices.