Identity From Anywhere: SSO from On-Premises, Cloud, or Federated Partners

Centrify Application Services lets you use Identity from anywhere. Provide federated single sign-on (SSO) for your internal users (employees and contractors) via on-premises or cloud directories. Share your business apps with partners outside of your network, without having to standardize on a single identity provider. Use Centrify as a turnkey customer authentication solution for your websites to provide cloud-based or social login credentials for SSO.

Internal Users

Unlike vendors that force regular synchronization between on-premises directory data and the vendor’s cloud, Centrify’s unique proxy architecture is all about choice. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, Centrify allows companies the flexibility to manage their identities in a way that meets their security and productivity needs.


Customers who have already standardized on Active Directory or LDAP for roles, groups, and policy may prefer to maintain their on-premises directory as their master identity source, and may not wish to hand over the “keys to the kingdom” to a third party cloud directory.

In the Cloud

Some organizations rely on cloud-based directories like Google Directory. Centrify allows you to leverage your existing cloud-based directory as the primary identity source.

For maximum flexibility, Centrify also provides a directory-as-a-service. Create and store identity in the Centrify Cloud Directory, and federate from this single source. Apply security and access policies to those users through the integrated Centrify Policy Engine.


Some organizations choose to use one directory — whether it’s on-premises Active Directory or cloud-based Google Directory — as the single source of identity information for internal employees, and use the Centrify Cloud Directory for contractors. This approach means fewer adds, moves, and changes in your internal employee directory, and maintains clear separation for IT management.

External Users

External users are critical to driving business forward. Whether they are business partners who need single sign-on into your shared apps, or customers who need simple registration and authentication to your sites — Centrify lets you secure access for external user communities.

Federated Business Partners

Your organization and your business partners need secure collaboration. You want to give them access to certain apps, without exposing your entire environment. Simply configure Centrify to accept and trust incoming SAML assertions from your partners. Your partners can then use their existing identity provider (Centrify or others) to get single sign-on to the apps you’ve allowed, and nothing more.

If your partners need an identity provider for federated single sign-on, they can set up a Centrify tenant in minutes.

SSO for Customers

If your organization’s web presence spans multiple sites, apps and user authentication databases, your customers may end up needing multiple credentials just to access your services. Improve your customer experience with simplified authentication.

Centrify Application Services provides a turnkey authentication backend for websites and applications. Customers can choose to register on your site using their credentials from Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or Microsoft, or they can self-register for a new username/password account using the Centrify Cloud Directory. One login for all your services. Customers get simple SSO, and IT gets simplified user administration and management.

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