Infinite Apps

Centrify Application Services lets you deploy Single Sign-on (SSO) to all the apps you use in your business. You don’t need to be a custom SAML expert, or rely on vendors to support your infrastructure. Just search for the apps you need, and deploy easily.

Thousands of Apps in an Instant

With Centrify Application Services, you can provide Single Sign-on (SSO) to thousands of pre-configured apps, the instant you sign up — and Centrify is always adding more. Configure and deploy web and mobile apps in seconds with simple wizard-based or manual setup. Save time with role-based deployment and one-time app configuration.

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In the Cloud or in Your Datacenter

Centrify Application Services provides the same level of simple, secure, single sign-on for your private, behind-the-firewall apps as we do for cloud apps. Pre-configured app templates take the hassle out of adding your custom internal apps, whether you use SAML, NTLM, or username/password for authentication. Centrify Application Services provides simple, secure, single sign-on for apps both in the cloud and behind your firewall.

Infinite Apps

Still need more? No problem. Centrify Infinite Apps lets you add web apps in seconds, from your browser, without the need for any custom scripting or configuration. Just use the Centrify App Capture plug-in to automatically discover where credentials need to be entered, and add the new app. Need more control? You can manually identify where to pass credentials as well.

Centrify makes adding SSO for all your business apps as easy for IT as it is for end users.