App Provisioning Workflow

Not all apps are created equal. Some apps need to be restricted because of security, cost, or job role.

And, not all apps are owned or managed by IT. The PR team may own the corporate Twitter account, Marketing may own the Marketo account, and Sales may own administrative rights to the Salesforce account.

So how can we streamline the process of approving requests for app access, and automate how we provision them to end-users? Centrify Workflow is how.

Reduce the Hassle of Approvals

Typically, when an employee needs to request access to an app, they have to open a support ticket. Then IT routes the request to the employee’s manager, then to the app owner for approval. Now, imagine hundreds of employees, opening hundreds of support tickets like this.

Centrify Workflow eliminates these tedious and error-prone tasks, and reduces the burden on IT. Centrify Workflow also integrates with ServiceNow workflows to automate access to applications and privileged IT assets.


How it works

  • In the Centrify Cloud Manager, IT sets up apps for workflow by identifying approvers and role membership for approved users
  • In the Centrify User Portal, an end user requests access to the app, and the approvers receive email notification
  • In the Centrify User Portal, the approver goes to the Requests tab to approve or deny the access request
  • If access is approved, the requester receives an email notification and sees the App tile in their user portal
  • If the app is SAML-enabled, it is automatically provisioned for the user
  • If the app is a username/password-shared app, the app tile is deployed preconfigured with the vaulted username/password


  • Save time with automation: Requests get routed to the app owner. Approved apps are provisioned right away
  • Eliminate support tickets: IT doesn’t have to manage individual approvals
  • Enforce role-based policy: Assign correct access permissions/licensing within apps