Endpoint Security

Secure Access Starts with Trusted Endpoints

Protect corporate resources and data through a zero trust security approach. Verify identity of users and endpoints with adaptive MFA, conditional access and analytics that govern how, when and what users have access to. Bolster endpoint security with cross-platform policy enforcement, powerful host-based privilege management, session recording and logging for IT and end-users.

Endpoint, Endpoint Security by Centrify

Product Features


Adaptive MFA & Strong Authentication

Verify identity of users with flexible adaptive MFA and strong authentication controls before access or privilege is granted on the endpoint.


Govern how, when and what users have access to with pre-defined conditions that factor device posture and user behavior before access is granted.

Endpoint Privilege Management

Minimize the attack surface by controlling privileged account usage and providing just-enough privilege for all users on the endpoint.

Device Security Management

Protect endpoints with cross-platform policy enforcement to bolster endpoint security posture and establish trusted devices in the enterprise.

Adaptive MFA & Strong Authentication

Prove Users Are Who They Say They Are

Leverage context-based and risk-aware MFA to bolster access security and ensure user validity. Implement strong authentication on endpoints to comply with security regulations without compromising end user productivity or device support.

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endpoint security solutions with adaptive MFA & strong authentication

Conditional Access

A Zero Trust Approach to Access

A Zero Trust security model implemented by combining Identity Assurance and Endpoint Security Posture to control access to applications and infrastructure when identity-centric conditions are met. Minimize endpoint threat vectors while enabling broader visibility and management controls.

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zero trust approach for endpoints

Endpoint Privilege Management

Award-winning Privilege Management Now on the Endpoint

Increase endpoint security posture while minimizing the attack surface using a powerful combination of identity assurance, just-in-time access, just enough privilege, advanced monitoring and auditing controls. Enable enterprise application management to ensure only trusted applications are installed and accessible without requiring end-users to have administrative privileges.

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Endpoint privilege management

Device Security Management

Device Identity + Security + Configuration

Enforce endpoint security posture for BYOD or corporate-owned devices ensuring consistent preventative security and policy management for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android endpoints.

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Zero Trust Security — Rethink Your Approach to Enterprise Security

Centrify Endpoint Services

Endpoint Services


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$5 / month per user

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MFA (Endpoint), Device Mgmt, App Mgmt, AD-based Policy Mgmt,
Local Account Pass Mgmt

Available Add-Ons

PC Auditing & Monitoring Services

$2 / month per user

Session Monitoring & Host-based Auditing

Smart Card

$2 / month per user

Smart Card Login to Portal Derived Credentials


$2 / month per user

Identity Intelligence, Real-time Reporting and Response
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