Adaptive MFA & Strong Authentication

Bolster Access Security with Adaptive MFA

Minimize your attack surface by automatically requiring a higher level of identity assurance through context and behavior based adaptive MFA. Thanks to flexible factors, users can quickly authenticate to endpoints and access corporate resources using Centrify’s Mobile Authenticator app, Smart Cards, OTP, FIDO U2F security tokens and more. Adaptive policies enable a better user experience, increasing efficiency and productivity without sacrificing security.

Adaptive MFA (multi factor authentication), MFA services

Secure Access to Endpoints, Without Frustrating Users


Secure access to endpoints by enforcing MFA with flexible factors at login.


Single Sign-On access to resources from trusted devices with policy driven MFA available for more sensitive apps and data.


Comply with regulations that mandate Smart Cards and enable new, secure, mobile use cases with derived credentials for Smart Card access to mobile apps, sites and services.


Leverage context and behavior based adaptive MFA to improve security policy with access tailored to each individual user’s behavior.

Multi-factor Authentication for Login and Privilege Elevation

Secure access to endpoints by enabling host-enforced MFA at endpoint login. Once authenticated to the endpoint, limit lateral movement by implementing a role based least privilege access model. Provide a just-in-time privilege elevation option, secured with MFA, for tasks requiring elevated permissions on the endpoint. Always verify identity before allowing access to endpoints or when users elevate their access for increased identity assurance and reduced risk and exposure.

MFA Authentication for Mobile Phones & Endpoints

Smart Card and Derived Credentials

Enforce strong authentication via smart cards and derived credentials for access to Mac and Linux workstations, mobile devices, and cloud and on-premises resources. Comply with security regulations without compromising device support.
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Strong Authentication via Smartcards, MFA for smart cards

Risk-based Access and Adaptive MFA

Leverage machine learning to immediately flag high risk events and provide real-time security. Enforce conditional access policies that adapt to varying situations based on the location, device, and unique behavior of each user. Allow single sign-on access to resources in low risk environments, step-up authentication in medium risk environments and block access in high risk environments. Reduce the attack surface, maintain compliance and streamline user experience with risk-based access to endpoints and resources.

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risk based access & adaptive MFA (multi factor authentication)

Centrify Identity Services Platform

The next generation of enterprise security platform, built to protect against the leading point of attack for cyberthreats & data breaches — compromised credentials.

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