Conditional Access

Continuously Safeguard Access to Your Data
in Real-time

As perimeter-based security becomes vulnerable to today's malware and threats, access controls have become the new 'perimeter'. Limit access to company data through policy rules that define circumstances based on identity assurance and device posture. Gain security and compliance through a unified control point, coordinating access through a just-in-time, just-enough privilege approach.


Enable Secure and Seamless Access
from Only Trusted Identities and Trusted Devices


Combine device posture with access policy for next-dimension, context-based security


Ensure your data and assets are accessible from trusted users and endpoints


Leverage user behavior, machine learning and policies to pinpoint anomalous authentication activity while challenging with MFA or blocking access in real-time


Optimize end user productivity with contextual controls focused on the user, location, device and application

On/Off Network

Enable SSO access to enterprise resources when users are on the corporate network. Challenge users with MFA or block access to sensitive applications for remote and off-network users.



Allow access to enterprise resources during business hours only. Challenge users with MFA or block access during off-hours, holidays or during a system upgrade.


Geographic Location

Restrict access to enterprise resources based on geographic location. Allow access from the state or country your organization resides in while challenging a user with MFA or blocking access for any users attempting to access enterprise resources outside of pre-defined locations.


Device Posture

Govern access to enterprise resources based on device posture. Allow access from trusted corporate and BYOD devices while challenging MFA or blocking access from untrusted public devices.


User Behavior

Security and productivity should always be in balance. Leverage behavior unique to each user and risk profiles to determine when a user should be provided with SSO access, challenged with MFA or access should be blocked.


Centrify Identity Services Platform

The next generation of enterprise security platform, built to protect against the leading point of attack for cyberthreats & data breaches — compromised credentials.

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