Endpoint Privilege Management

Unmatched Privilege Management Now on the Endpoint

Eliminate risks on the endpoint by leveraging Centrify’s award winning Privilege Management capabilities and the powerful combination of least privilege and application control. Privilege Management enables organizations to implement a just in time, least privilege model with role based access controls, while working in tandem with application whitelisting, ensuring only trusted apps are installed at the endpoint, without giving users too much access they don’t need.


Privilege Elevation

Enforce least privilege on endpoints without impacting productivity

Through a granular and flexible privilege elevation service, reduce risk by granting a just in time, just enough privilege model on your endpoints with cross platform support and policies. Enhance security and regulatory compliances without impacting productivity nor workflow.

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Local Account Password Management

One of the most common IT security deficiencies is the usage of a single local administrator password used across all endpoints. This is a significant security concern as this password is highly coveted, inevitably shared and does not promote accountability of the user logging into the endpoint with the local administrator account. Additionally, when IT staff leave the organization, they often retain the knowledge of the admin account for all endpoints. Centrify provides a solution for generating a strong and unique password for each endpoint, storing passwords in a secure vault and enabling workflow for password checkout requests. Passwords are rotated upon check-in while every user who checked-out a password is logged in Centrify for accountability.

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Local Account Password Management example

Auditing, Monitoring & Reporting

Auditing, Monitoring and Reporting helps streamline regulatory compliance while providing full visibility and accountability of all user actions in the organization. Demonstrate compliance by monitoring and recording sessions on endpoints for a holistic view of privilege activity. Establish individual accountability and tie privilege account checkouts on endpoints to individual users for compliance and audit.


Application Management

Protect Against Rogue Apps and Malware

Eliminate risk by only allowing users to install corporate sanctioned applications. Enable self-service installation of approved applications on endpoints through a rich enterprise app store. Ensure your endpoints have all the required security components and tools needed for productivity and security all while preventing the need for too much privilege that can lead to the installation of untrusted applications that can be harmful to the organization.

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