Infrastructure Services

Limit Access for Just Enough, Just-in-Time Privilege

Minimize the attack surface and control privileged access to the hybrid enterprise with just-in-time and just enough privilege, identity assurance and advanced monitoring and reporting.

Infrastructure Services (server suite) by Centrify

Product Features



Consolidate identities and leverage enterprise authentication service.

Adaptive MFA for
Privileged Access

Reinforce secure access to critical systems and privileged accounts.


Grant just enough privilege across Windows and Linux systems.

Shared Password Management

Reduce the risk of security breach when sharing privileged accounts.

Privileged Access Request

Govern access to privileged roles and accounts with approval workflows.

Secure Remote

Establish privileged sessions to targeted infrastructure without a VPN.

Session Recording & Monitoring

Monitor and record privileged sessions and changes to critical files.

Auditing and

Enforce accountability across all privileged activity and prove compliance.


The Security of a Single Identity

Consolidate identities and leverage a common enterprise authentication service across on-premises and cloud based infrastructure and apps.

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identity broker, AD Bridging

Adaptive MFA for Privileged Access

Prove Users Are Who They Say They Are

Add an extra layer of security to stop the breach with risk-aware MFA for IT admins who access Windows and Linux systems, elevate privilege or leverage privileged credentials.

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Privilege Elevation

Grant Just Enough Privilege

Secure and manage fine-grained privileges across Windows and Linux systems, limiting potential damage from security breaches. Get users to login as themselves for accountability, and elevate privilege based on their role within an organization.

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Shared Password Management

Control Shared Access to Privileged Accounts

Secure and manage super user, service, and application accounts on servers and network devices, both on-premises and in the cloud. Auto-rotate passwords after checkout. Provide security for the modern enterprise where IT is increasingly outside the firewall with a secure service that is faster to implement and delivers quicker ROI.

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shared account password management (SAPM)

Privileged Access Request

Self-service, Just-in-time Privileged Access

Minimize your attack surface by eliminating static and long-lived privilege grants. Govern temporary access to roles that grant privilege, shared account credentials and remote sessions with self-service access request and multi-level approvals. Capture who approved access, and reconcile approved access with actual access.

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privileged access

Secure Remote Access

Secure Remote Access to Infrastructure Without a VPN

Provide remote admins, outsourced IT and third party vendors with secure access to the specific infrastructure they manage — on-premises and in the cloud. Risk-aware MFA combined with VPN-less access and flexible deployment models deliver the security your hybrid IT environment demands.

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secure remote access without VPN

Session Recording and Monitoring

Monitor, Manage and Record Privileged Sessions

Identify suspicious activity by watching activity in real-time with the option to terminate sessions. Monitor for changes to critical configurations and files enabling triggered security alerts within an SIEM system. Simplify forensic investigation into a breach with high-fidelity video recordings.

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session recording & monitoring software

Auditing and Reporting

Enforce Accountability and Improve Compliance

Record and manage a holistic view of privileged activity across Windows and Linux servers and network devices, establishing single source of truth for individual and shared accounts. Prove compliance with reports on every user’s privileges and associated activity.

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auditing and reporting

Centrify Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services


Starting At

$22 / month per system

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MFA-ready, Password Vaulting, AD Bridging, Broker Identities, Privilege Elevation

Infrastructure Services


Starting At

$32 / month per system

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Includes Standard
Auditing & Monitoring

Available Add-Ons

User Analytics

$2 / month per user

Identity Intelligence, Real-time Reporting and Response

Privilege Analytics

$9 / month per system

Risk-based Access Control, Identity Intelligence, Real-time Alerting and Response, Investigative Analysis
Pricing shown is in USD, based on a minimum 12 month contract and includes Standard support.

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