Active Directory Integration for Linux, UNIX and Mac OS X

Join Linux, UNIX and Mac OS X systems to Active Directory. Transforming the host system into an Active Directory client enables you to secure it using the same authentication and policy services currently deployed for your Windows systems.

Harness the Power of Active Directory Across Linux and UNIX

Active Directory provides a central point of administration within Windows. But for Linux and UNIX, user identities may reside on individual servers or in separate identity silos, complicating operations and compromising security. Centrify unifies your IT infrastructure by centralizing identity and access management for non-Windows systems, devices and apps within your existing Active Directory infrastructure. Centrify enables you to integrate with Active Directory:

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  • Natively join Linux and UNIX systems to Active Directory without installing software on the domain controller or making schema modifications.
  • Automatically assess systems for identity-related risks.
  • Rapidly migrate user identities into Active Directory using Centrify Zones eliminating the need to rationalize UNIX namespaces.
  • Easily move to centralized identity and access management from NIS or /etc/passwd.
  • Apply consistent security policies, and centrally manage compliance reporting.
  • Support a centrally managed password policy and flexible user-naming conventions of Active Directory.
  • Support real-world DNS and Active Directory environments with automatic discovery of the nearest domain controller, the global catalog, one/two-way trusts, multi-site environments, domain controller fail-over, and disjoint Active Directory-DNS namespaces.
  • Automate the configuration of the Kerberos stack on Linux and UNIX including automatic updates of keytab files and keytab versioning, automatic time synchronization with Active Directory domain controller and local caching for disconnected mode.
  • Provide single sign-on access to Linux and UNIX systems through Active Directory.
  • Extend Active Directory Group Policy management of Linux and UNIX users and computers.
  • Seamlessly access servers using Centrify enabled OpenSSH and PuTTY tools.
  • Also integrate popular applications like Hadoop, SAP and Apache into Active Directory

To ensure our solutions integrate seamlessly with third-party technologies, Centrify has received key certifications.