Session Recording and Monitoring

IT Session Recording & Auditing Software

Know exactly who did what on which server and what the results of those actions were with indexed video and searchable session metadata. Centrify captures and collects data about any user session on any managed server across your Windows, Linux and UNIX systems, and stores it in an easily searchable SQL Server database. An indexed, high-fidelity recording of each individual privileged session provides you with a complete picture of exactly what happened — and who did it — on any managed system, at any given time, by any given user.

Centrify records all privileged user activity including screen actions, events and metadata, and delivers a comprehensive picture of intentions and impacts. Its unique, searchable playback feature gives IT security managers and auditors the ability to see exactly what users did and the results of their action and identify privilege abuse or the source of a security incident.

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  • Ensure that any or all the privileged sessions you want are audited across Windows, Linux and UNIX, based on your audit policy. Audit all sessions or sessions based on users, computers, roles or use of privilege.
  • Capture user activity and associate it with an individual to establish accountability.
  • Record which users accessed which systems, what commands they executed, with what privilege, and the exact changes they made to key files and configurations.
  • Ensure auditing and audit policy cannot be circumvented with host-based auditing.
  • Search for and quickly find specific events in a session and jump directly to that event in the session capture; replay any portion of the session to see every action taken by a user and every system response.
  • Pause, rewind, fast-forward, scrub through the timeline, or jump to a specific point in the video replay.