Secure, Encrypt and Manage Application Passwords

Eliminate passwords from scripts and applications

Privileged account credentials are frequently embedded in scripts and applications, stored in plain text and not rotated. This leaves organizations vulnerable to cyberthreats that leverage account credentials as their main attack vector. Minimize your organization’s attack surface by eliminating passwords in scripts and applications and automating the retrieval of passwords at run-time with Privilege Service.

Secure application access to privileged account credentials

Ensure only trusted applications can access privileged account credentials by identifying and validating both system and user account prior to password retrieval. Both the system and the account under which the script (or application) is run are validated by Infrastructure Services, which then enable password retrieval using a secure one-time password service.


Automate management of privileged account credentials

Securely store and manage application credentials with Infrastructure Services, which encrypt and store privileged account credentials in Centrify Identity Services platform, or in the SafeNet KeySecure key management appliances from Gemalto. Centrally managed application credentials are periodically rotated using your enterprise-wide password policies to increase security, ensure application uptime and simplify compliance.