Privileged User Activity Auditing: The Missing Link for Enterprise Compliance and Security


Capturing the detailed actions of privileged users is critical in today's business environment as companies seek out cost efficiencies through IT outsourcing, leverage third-party cloud providers and ISVs, and strive to comply with industry and federal regulations. User activity auditing can improve security and speed compliance in virtually every organization.

Download this white paper to learn how businesses can ensure that every privileged user session is effectively audited across the extended enterprise, resulting in:  

  • Visibility across Windows, Linux and UNIX systems in the data center and cloud environments
  • The ability to quickly establish who performed which actions on which servers with a clear context for each event or change to a system, file or database
  • High-fidelity recording of user sessions for a complete picture of intentions and impacts
  • Compliance with a number of federal and industry regulations