Big Data Security

Secure your complex Big Data environments with centralized identity management for better access control, privilege management and user-level auditing.

What is Big Data Security?

To mitigate risks and increase security when rolling out your Big Data environments, you need to control access, manage privilege, audit activity and associate everything back to an individual

Secure & Simplify

Leverage existing identity infrastructure to run Big Data in secure mode

Mitigate Threats

Control access and manage privilege in your Big Data environment

User Level Audit

Satisfy regulatory compliance with reporting of individual activity

Big Data Security Solutions & Tools by Centrify

Why Secure Big Data?

Big Data environments housing sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII) are governed by corporate security and regulatory compliance policies. Least-privilege access must be granted only to users with a business need and activity must be audited.



Mitigate threats resulting from identity-related risks and address audit and compliance requirements


Standardize the way Big Data clusters are run in secure mode by leveraging existing Active Directory infrastructure


Secure and simplify Big Data environments at the operating system layer without deploying and managing new identity infrastructure


Increase productivity and security for IT admins and Big Data users via single sign-on for admins and users

The Identity Management Solution for Big Data

Centrify for Hadoop

Secure complex Hadoop environments by connecting your Hadoop clusters to your existing Active Directory infrastructure.

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Centrify for NoSQL

Seamlessly integrate identity and access management, privilege management and session monitoring across the broadest range of platforms in the industry.

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MFA Everywhere

Prevent compromised credentials by implementing multi-factor authentication across every user and every IT resource. Block cyberattacks at multiple points in the attack chain.

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Centrify Identity Platform

Protect against the leading cause of cyberthreats — compromised credentials — with a complete set of solutions to secure the modern enterprise.

  • All Users: Employees, contractors, privileged users, partners, customers
  • All Apps: Cloud or on premises
  • All Resources: Network infrastructure, outsourced IT, Mac and mobile devices
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