Cloud App User Provisioning

Provision Users for Day-one Productivity

When new employees are hired, they all need their application accounts and devices to be set up. Manually adding, updating, suspending and/or deleting user accounts across all apps is a costly, time-consuming and error-prone process. And when an employee changes roles or leaves the organization, delays in suspending and/or deleting user app accounts can expose intellectual property (IP) and run the risk of compliance failures and related security concerns including data theft.

For users, all of these new applications require yet another username and password. Asking users to self-manage so many individual passwords leads to increased helpdesk calls for password resets and locked accounts — frustrating end users and reducing precious IT productivity.

Centrify Identity Service unifies identity and mobility management into an enterprise cloud service to secure and manage SaaS and mobile application access, as well as mobile devices. With Centrify, IT teams can: 

SaaS Provisioning, Cloud App User Provisioning, SaaS User Management by Centrify
  • Leverage an on-premises, cloud or hybrid directory to enforce identity-based policies throughout the full app and device lifecycle — from initial provisioning to account termination
  • Enable users of both corporate devices and BYOD to immediately get access to their needed apps
  • Instantly terminate users' access to all managed devices and apps through changing their directory status — with visibility and reporting to meet IT security policies
  • Automatically create or update user accounts across cloud apps. Assign correct access permissions/licensing within apps
Key Benefits
  • Enable users to be productive day one by automating the provisioning of user accounts, single sign-on access and mobile app clients across all of their devices
  • Reduce the complexity and expense of supporting BYOD initiatives with integrated enterprise mobility management (including MDM)
  • Empower end users to do more with self-service for their apps, devices and accounts, while reducing the cost and volume of helpdesk support