Identity Integration with Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB)

Centrify Identity Service: The Unified Identity Platform for CASB Solutions

According to industry analysts, Identity as a Service (IDaaS) is quickly becoming the de facto standard for securing SaaS apps across the enterprise. As users and devices have moved outside the firewall and IT control, identity, in particular IDaaS, has become the new perimeter. By injecting enterprise grade authentication and security policies into these cloud-based resources, IDaaS protects the organization from risks not addressed by today’s perimeter and endpoint tools. IDaaS can be easily coupled with another technology that greatly assists in providing a complete layer of cloud security — Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB). These cutting edge cloud security tools leverage IDaaS to provide inside-app visibility, governance, data protection and a host of other essential security features.

Extending IT Security Controls to Cloud Applications

Centrify partners with CASBs to provide the first critical steps in enabling secure SaaS applications. By driving the authentication process through Centrify, CASBs utilize the necessary information about users, their devices and their location to effectively manage access to and monitor user activity within cloud apps.

Centrify Identity Services provides the foundation required for CASBs to secure your business:

Why You Need Cloud Access Security Brokers

Most businesses today are leveraging a number of SaaS applications like, Office365, Dropbox, Box, Google Apps and many more. And employees are increasingly accessing those apps through their own devices from outside the corporate network. While this accelerates business activity, it can also increase risk when not managed properly. CASB solutions are designed to address those risks through:

  • Comprehensive application visibility after authentication
  • Post login monitoring of user behavior within SaaS applications
  • Behavior anomaly detection
  • Data risk analysis
  • Real-time data loss prevention

CASB solutions typically deploy in minutes and require no access to logs, no changes to network configuration, no browser agent installation and no service disruption. And SaaS infrastructures are strengthened through the consolidation of multiple types of security policy enforcement.

Centrify Identity Service + CASB = A Complete SaaS Security Solution

Centrify Identity Service is fully integrated with our CASB partners to provide a comprehensive solution for provisioning, governing and securing enterprise SaaS applications. Together, we deliver:

  • Comprehensive visibility into SaaS app usage
  • Governance policies based on user identity, devices and locations
  • Granular access restrictions to specific documents
  • Detection of high-risk usage, anomalous behaviors and security incidents
  • Privileged user account monitoring
Centrify CASB Solution Partners

Centrify Identity Service integrates with several leading CASB providers including:

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