Identity Orchestration for ServiceNow

IT orchestration from ServiceNow automates common IT tasks for global enterprises. Identity orchestration from Centrify secures enterprise identities to provision users to apps and resources, and offer single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and more.

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Why Use Centrify for ServiceNow


Automate fulfillment management for apps and IT resources


Improve security with single sign-on and adaptive multi-factor authentication to ServiceNow


Leverage investments in existing identity infrastructure


Reduce IT helpdesk ticket volume


Automate App Fulfillment

While many processes are automated, granting access to apps has always been IT’s job: users request fulfillment of applications from the ServiceNow catalog, business owners approve access, then IT configures user accounts and licensing.

Centrify App Access automates request fulfillment. ServiceNow takes care of the service request management workflow and approvals, then calls upon the Centrify platform to grant access and automatically provision the new user into their applications.

Automate the tedious stuff. Let IT focus on more interesting problems.

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Single Sign-on to ServiceNow

Give end-users and IT-users single sign-on to ServiceNow, using their existing credentials. Centrify Single Sign-on & Provisioning means no more forgotten passwords. Automatic user account provisioning eliminates the time and hassle of setting up or removing ServiceNow user accounts.

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ServiceNow Identity Management, Identity Service Automation with ServiceNow by Centrify

User Self-service Equals IT Freedom

Password reset tickets are the bane of the helpdesk IT worker. Reclaim IT freedom with Centrify Password Reset. Let end users reset their own passwords from within ServiceNow. Password commits propagate into their enterprise user directory — Active Directory, LDAP, or cloud.

Centrify Password Reset also provides Service desk-assisted password reset for end users.

Privileged Access to Critical Assets

Privileged accounts are becoming the focal point for external attackers and malicious insiders, increasing the risk of security breaches. Reduce this risk by minimizing the attack surface with temporary, time-bound privileged access to on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure.

Centrify Privileged Access Request empowers IT users to request temporary access to the specific systems and network devices or new role designation they need to manage from the ServiceNow asset management database. If access is granted, the requestor is provided with either privileged account credentials, login access or a new role assignment to perform a designated task on a specific resource — for a pre-determined time period.

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How to Get Centrify Integrations for ServiceNow

Centrify Application Services

Enable single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, mobile device management and automated account provisioning for ServiceNow and thousands of apps

Use Application Services with ServiceNow for these certified ServiceNow integrations:

  • Centrify SSO & Provisioning
  • Centrify App Access
  • Centrify Password Reset
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Centrify Infrastructure Services

Reduce risk of data breaches by enabling IT users to request temporary privileged access to specific systems and network devices, or a new privileged role assignment

Use Infrastructure Services with ServiceNow for this ServiceNow-certified integration:

  • Centrify Privileged Access Request


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