Office 365 Access with Centrify

Your organization has migrated to Office 365. You need to assign licenses to your end users automatically, and give them single sign-on. You’re worried about mobile and BYOD, and how to manage all that for on-premises apps and cloud apps, too. You’ve got a few questions, and are looking for answers.

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Eight Great Reasons to Choose Centrify for Office 365



Sign on to Office 365 and thousands of popular cloud apps using your existing on-premises or cloud-based identity data. Get single sign-on you can trust, from Centrify — a certified "Works with Office 365" identity partner solution.



Migrating into Office 365 doesn't have to become a multi-week marathon. Set up in minutes, and deploy in just a few hours. No need to modify firewall policies or hassle with complicated PKI.



Centrify's cloud-based Identity Service eliminates the need to install clustered federation servers behind the firewall. All that's needed is a simple cloud connector that installs in just 5-minutes.



Secure access to Office 365 from any device. Enforce and update mobile security settings, and remotely lock or wipe devices. Lock the Centrify Mobile App with a passcode or fingerprint, and prevent unauthorized users from accessing your Office 365 data. No separate software required.



Automatically add Office 365 user accounts, assign or change licenses, and remove access when needed — all based on users and groups in Active Directory.



Optimize Office 365 licenses (and your IT spend): Assign licenses across different users or groups, and reassign unused components to save costs and license management hassles.



Leverage your users' mobile devices for strong authentication to Office 365. The Centrify mobile authenticator is easy to use on smartphones, tablets and smartwatches — just tap "Approve" or "Deny."



Get SSO to Office 365 and keep your Active Directory data on premises, securely behind the firewall — without replication to the cloud. Prefer a cloud directory? You decide — Use Active Directory, or a hybrid for the best of both worlds.

Centrify Identity Service, Built on Microsoft Azure

Office 365 Access, Office 365 Remote Access by Centrify Microsoft Azure Access, Microsoft Office 365 Access by Centrify

Centrify Identity Service is built on Azure — the same trusted platform that also powers core functions of Office 365. Customers and partners can be assured of best-in-class support for deployments with Centrify. And, Microsoft has tested and certified Centrify Identity Service as a “Works with Office 365” solution — with established protocols and premier support agreements with Centrify to ensure quality joint customer support. You can trust Centrify with your mission-critical Office 365 services.

Centrify also leverages Microsoft’s industry-leading best practices in the design and management of Centrify Identity Service. And Centrify is available in any of the geographic zones where Azure hosts Office 365.

Office 365 Migration Concerns

Office 365 remote access, Office 365 identity access

Office 365 deployment is all about identity. IT needs to set up user accounts in Office 365 automatically. Users want one-click or one-tap sign on to Office 365 — without remembering another password. Your user identities and group memberships are already stored in Active Directory. The trick is to use those identities with Office 365 — without replicating your sensitive directory information to the cloud.

Other solutions require you to keep user records and licenses in sync between on-premises AD and Office 365, and require complex server installations, and directory replication. Identity Service requires no federation servers, firewall modifications or complex PKI. In just minutes you get:

  • Single sign-on and automatic user account provisioning for Office 365
  • Granular license assignment and tracking
  • Real-time proxying of user identity from Active Directory to Office 365
provision & manage Office 365 user accounts

Providing secure access to Office 365 starts by securing and managing devices. Push email, Wi-Fi and VPN settings, and ensure devices are compliant with your corporate policy.

  • Manage passcodes
  • Remotely lock and wipe lost or stolen devices
  • Leverage device posture for app SSO policy
  • Get complete Enterprise Mobility Management, integrated with identity

Some applications warrant extra security. With Centrify, IT can ensure only the right users have access to Office 365.

  • Build access policy based on time of day, location, network, device and more
  • Use the industry’s simplest multi-factor authentication
Office 365 SSO for hybrid environments


Moving into the cloud with O365 takes lots of planning, and hours of execution. The typical all-at-once “cutover” to the cloud can be daunting. With CIS, customers can migrate on their own schedule. Migrate users or groups to the cloud over time, with full support for hybrid deployments.

Prefer to keep SharePoint on-premises? Centrify provides a fully integrated On-premises App Gateway that provides Single sign-on and secure, encrypted access to behind-the-firewall SharePoint. Best of all, App Gateway eliminates the need for VPN clients or configuration.

Centrify App Gateway—available in the App+ Edition provides:

  • Encrypted access to behind-the-firewall apps like SharePoint
  • Integrated single sign-on across devices
  • App-specific connections, without full network access

Centrify On-Premises App Gateway

Provision and Manage Office 365 User Accounts from Start to Finish

From their first to their last day, manage their access to Office 365 from a central location. 

  • Create new users, and automatically grant them Office 365 accounts and licenses based on roles.
  • Optimize your IT spend: Split up or share licenses, reassign unused components.  
  • Allow SSO from any device or location; set strong authentication to Office 365.
  • When an employee leaves, remove them from AD entirely, and their Office 365 access is revoked automatically.   
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Manage Office 365 user accounts
Single Sign On (SSO) to Office 365

SSO to Office 365 and Other Apps

There is a world of apps beyond Office 365, but there doesn’t have to be a world of passwords.

With Centrify Identity Service, you can provide SSO to thousands of pre-configured apps, the instant you sign up. Cloud apps, native mobile apps, or on-premises apps — all get secure sign-on with just a click.

Custom apps? No problem. Centrify Infinite Apps lets you add web apps in seconds, from your browser, without the need for custom scripting or configuration

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Identity Where You Want It

Centrify Identity Service provides the most flexible options for storing identity — in the cloud, on-premises in Active Directory or LDAP, or any combination.

Centrify supports single sign-on to Office 365, so you can keep your existing identity data where you want: on-premises and behind your firewall — with no replication to the cloud. And you don’t have to buy more servers, or worry about synchronization, thanks to Centrify’s simple cloud connector.

If your organization doesn't use Active Directory, you can use the Centrify Cloud Directory instead. Or, use it for contractors and vendors, to keep your user communities separate. Centrify also supports identity federation to Office 365 from LDAP directories.

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Office 365 Identity where you want it

Simplify and Secure User Access to Cloud and Mobile Apps