Protect Shared Social Media and Corporate Accounts

Protect your organization's Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and other shared accounts from internal threats and unauthorized access.

Secure Access to Enterprise Social Media and Shared Accounts

Today's organizations are often forced to leverage shared access to social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on behalf of the company or brand. Losing control of these social accounts can be costly, embarrassing and damage corporate brands. Common access control problems occur when employees share passwords with unauthorized users, are no longer authorized to access the accounts themselves, or leave the organization and take the shared username and password with them.

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Centrify Identity Service provides robust Active Directory, LDAP and/or cloud-based access and application management across any cloud application, including shared enterprise social media accounts. Built-in administrative views and reports give instant views of which employees have access to shared social media accounts, enabling organizations to centralize control over exactly which employees have access to specific social media accounts or other shared cloud applications.

When an approved user needs to log into an enterprise social account, for example, they simply log into the Centrify Identity Service portal as themselves and click on the shared account. At no time do users have access to the shared password, and an IT administrator can even define when users are allowed to access the app, from what location, and can ask them for additional factors of authentication. When the employee leaves the organization or their role in the organization changes, administered access in Active Directory, LDAP or Centrify's cloud user service simply turns off shared account access.

While significant investments are made protecting against external threats and data loss, organizations often forget about protecting themselves against unexpected or malicious internal threats — including the impact of unintended social media content. Not addressing this risk leaves organizations exposed to unauthorized internal access or malicious posts from casual, disgruntled or ex-employees who still have access to enterprise social accounts. With Centrify, organizations can easily centralize the access control and security of social media accounts through not having to directly share passwords with users.

Key Benefits
  • Protect your organization’s brand and reputation by securing the shared access to social media accounts
  • Eliminate access to shared passwords and define when users are allowed to access shared apps, from what location and even ask them for additional factors of authentication
  • Reduce risk of a user’s change in employment or role by immediately removing social media access through directory-based access policy enforcement