SSO for Business Partners

Growing businesses is all about leverage. In today’s always-connected world, that means ensuring that your business-to-business (B2B) partners have the technology they need to access the services you provide. Whether it’s accessing parts databases, placing supply orders, or registering sales opportunities, partners need secure, managed access to your applications — without complex and costly integration.

Simple B2B Identity Federation

Centrify enabled SSO for your business partners with simple, cloud-based identity federation for your applications. Have separate billing, shipping, and ordering apps? No problem — Centrify Identity Service provides single sign-on across your applications as well.

  • Let your partners manage their own employee identities
  • Leverage federated trust to provide secure access to your applications
  • Eliminate the need for multiple passwords

Secure, Trusted Authentication

Attempting to manage your own solution to authenticate every partner employee quickly becomes unmanageable and introduces lots of risk. SSO for business partners from Centrify reduces hassle and risk:

  • Allow access from only valid partner identity providers
  • Implement access policy that meets your needs, without having to manage partner policy
  • Enable simple multi-factor authentication for partners as needed, without investing in additional infrastructure

Proven Standards for Proven Results

Centrify uses standards like SAML to provide inbound identity federation from your business partners. Just set up the trust relationship between Centrify Identity Service and your partner’s identity provider. Then specify a role for your partner, so they receive access only to those applications you share. Partner employees can then log in to their own identity provider using their existing credentials, and receive federated access to your shared applications.

Maintain Separation of Responsibility

Establish trust with partners, who manage their own credentials, using their existing identity provider.

  • Give partners secure access to just the resources you allow
  • Automate app provisioning
  • Allow partners to manage their own adds, moves, and changes

The Benefits of Centrify SSO for Business Partners

  • Focus on your business, and share the apps your partners need — securely and simply
  • Allow partners to manage their own employee adds, moves, and changes
  • Let partners use a single set of credentials for app single sign-on
  • Avoid complex implementation and risky firewall changes