SSO for Customer Facing Applications

Centrify can eliminate customer identity management hassles by providing a single identity for all of the ways they interact with your business.

Single Password, Multiple Benefits

Customer-facing apps and services often lack integration and implementing them can require multiple logins that lead to user frustration.

With Centrify Identity Service you can give customers a single login across all your services.

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  • Leverage social login from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Microsoft
  • Provide SSO across disparate tools, sites, apps or services
  • Give users a consistent login experience across your brand

Simplify Authentication

You need a secure authentication infrastructure for secure and reliable customer identity management. And you need to make the customer registration experience easy and consistent across your entire web presence.

Centrify Identity Service enables B2C companies to provide a unified social and cloud-based login for customer-facing applications and services.

  • Speed onboarding of new customer accounts
  • Free developers from the hassles of identity/user management
  • Leverage secure standards like SAML and OpenID Connect

Consolidate Management – Reduce Risk

Identity is at the core of security, but with multiple silos of identity policy for employees, partners, customers and others, it’s easy to overlook gaps. Centrify provides unified policy for customers and other users.

  • Eliminate standalone silos of identity policy and reduce IT overhead
  • Leverage shared knowledge and tools for speed and ease
  • Reduce attack surface with fewer stores of unrelated identity

The Benefits of Centrify SSO for Customers

  • Quick and easy registration captures more customers
  • Common policy for secure authentication and identity management for all internal and external users, across all resources
  • Single sign-on means fewer frustrated users and abandoned pages
  • App developers free to focus on the customer experience, without the worry of identity management