SSO for External Users

Your workforce makes your business run, but you’ve got plenty of other users as well. Your external users — suppliers, distributors, and business partners — help you deliver your solutions. Contractors boost productivity as needed. And of course, you have to always address the most important users of all: your customers.

Why Use Centrify for your External Users?


Secure access for employees, privileged users, business partners and customers


Simplify customer access with SSO across multiple sites, apps, or services


Eliminate identity management hassles for your app developers


Leverage a globally available, highly redundant cloud infrastructure


Use standards like SAML and OpenID Connect for secure authentication


Integrate with third-party identity provider solutions or social identities

Single Sign On (SSO) for External Users by Centrify

SSO for Customers

Your customers always come first. That’s why you choose to deploy the best of breed apps and services to support them. But these sites, services, and apps don’t share common infrastructure or management, and require separate login credentials.

Centrify lets you provide B2C single sign-on across all your solutions, so customers can get access easily, and get on with their lives.

SSO for Business Partners

Share an application or other resource with business partners without managing yet another set of user credentials. With Centrify, you can grant access based on your policy, while letting your B2B partners manage their own identities.

Secure and simplify all your partner application needs — with secure trust between identity providers.

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Single Sign On (SSO) solutions for suppliers, distributors & business partners by Centrify

Strength in Numbers

Contract or temporary workers are great assets when deadlines draw near, or projects grow in scope. But requiring IT to constantly update Active Directory with adds, moves, and changes related to these time-based workers can lead to stale accounts, errors, or confusion.

Centrify Identity Service lets you choose how best to manage your contractor identities: In Active Directory, LDAP, a cloud directory, or any combination. Drive business results, without introducing risk or hassle.

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