Confidently Go Android for Work with Centrify

Android for Work is an enterprise program designed to increase Android adoption with
consistent management, separation of work and personal data, and secure app distribution.

Centrify Identity Service provides integrated enterprise mobility management (EMM) and
identity access management that helps you manage and secure Android devices and users.

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Android for Work Separates Work and Personal

Centrify Identity Service lets you manage Android for Work, so you can secure mobile app data, and Android devices. Now your employees can get dedicated work profile, managed by IT, and keep their personal apps and data private.

  • Separate and protect business content from personal apps and data.
  • Apply security policies to the work container to prevent data leakage.
  • Wipe just the work content while leaving personal stuff intact.
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Securely Distribute and Manage Apps to the Android for Work Container

Give employees all the apps they need with Centrify Identity Service and Google Play for Work.

  • Centrally distribute and manage third-party or internally-built mobile apps — without app wrapping or SDKs. 
  • Push corporate email profiles to built-in Android for Work productivity apps.
  • Silently add and remove work apps — no user action required.
  • Prevent installation of apps from unknown sources or sideloading of apps to reduce the risk of malicious apps.
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Implement Contextual Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Provide strong authentication that’s easy to use with integrated identity policy and EMM.

  • Increase security with policy-driven contextual access.
  • Leverage device attributes, location, network and more to allow, restrict or require step-up authentication.
  • Enable fast access with user-friendly MFA including the Centrify Mobile Authenticator one-time passcode, push notification, biometric/fingerprint, SMS and more.
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Say Goodbye to Mobile Passwords

Only Centrify’s TrueSSO let’s employees get secure app access, across mobile apps. App links sent via text or email typically require users to enter their password for access. Not so, with TrueSSO.

  • Boost employee productivity while protecting app access.
  • Enable employees to seamlessly move between mobile apps.
  • Eliminate the need to re-authenticate when users click on embedded links.

Centrify Identity Platform

Protect against the leading cause of cyberthreats — compromised credentials — with a complete set of solutions to secure the modern enterprise.

  • All Users: Employees, contractors, privileged users, partners, customers
  • All Apps: Cloud or on premises
  • All Resources: Network infrastructure, outsourced IT, Mac and mobile devices
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