Empowering the Mobile Worker

Empower mobile workers to be more productive and secure with BYOD devices and secure access to cloud, mobile and on-premises apps.

Empowering Mobile Workers to be Productive Day One

Users are increasingly using personally-owned computers, tablets and mobile devices for work. IT needs to support bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives but security and user adoption depends on the separation of enterprise apps and data from personal ones. Asking users to identify, deploy and configure the correct mobile client apps leads to increased help desk calls while also frustrating end users and prolonging the time it takes to get them fully productive.

Centrify Identity Service unifies identity and mobility management into an enterprise cloud service to secure and manage SaaS and mobile application access, as well as mobile devices. With Centrify, IT teams can:

  • Leverage either existing on-premises Active Directory or LDAP infrastructure and Group Policy-based management tools or the Centrify cloud identity platform to enforce and update mobile security settings, lock or remotely wipe devices, and secure access to email, VPN and WiFi networks
  • Quickly bring large populations of authorized devices under 
management with user self-service enrollment, mobile application management and automated configuration of each user's devices, thereby greatly reducing helpdesk volumes associated with mobile devices
  • Simplify reporting of enrolled devices, installed apps and device update status across the entire organization, with the ability to detect and block enrollment of jail-broken devices

Key Benefits
  • Reduce the complexity and expense of supporting BYOD initiatives by unifying mobility and identity management and rapidly deploying through a cloud service
  • Enable BYOD users to be productive day one by automating self-service enrollment and app provisioning across all devices
  • Empower end users to do more self-service of their apps, devices and accounts without having to rely on costly helpdesk support