Privileged Access Management

Protect Infrastructure while Eliminating Compliance Overhead

High-profile breaches, advanced persistent threats, insider threats and numerous regulatory and industry security standards are shining a bright light on the risks associated with privileged access to corporate systems. In many organizations, administrators are routinely granted broad privileges to accomplish even the most narrowly focused tasks. Misuse of privileged account access is the single greatest threat to your infrastructure. Malicious users relentlessly seek the broad access and anonymity such accounts represent.

Gartner (Research Report ID# G00130427) has noted that Linux and UNIX systems inherently lack a simple, scalable model for administrative delegation. Alternatives such as sudo can be complex and still provide no practical way to limit privileges without hindering users as they perform necessary tasks. Some organizations choose to simply risk the exposure.

Centrify Server Suite provides a single, unified privilege management solution across more than 450 Windows, Linux and UNIX platforms. Instead of relying on complex scripting, proprietary databases, or expensive and fragile server architectures, Centrify leverages Active Directory to model user roles and assign them to Active Directory users and groups. With a single, unified architecture, Centrify enables you to globally control privileges on Windows, Linux and UNIX systems, including unique integration with detailed session auditing.

Key Benefits
  • Ensure individual accountability of privileged account access while eliminating anonymous access altogether
  • Establish a ‘least privileged access’ model with granular, role-based access to individual commands
  • Quickly meet compliance requirements with central reports of ‘who has access to what’ and ‘what did they do with that access’ including detailed privileged session auditing