Privileged Access Management

Access Management and Security for Third Parties

Increasing numbers of users accessing systems in your data center are not traditional employees. Whether they're contractors, outsourced IT, vendors or managed service providers — granting system access to a third party is a risk that introduces security threats and technical and business vulnerabilities. In fact, for speed and ease, access is often configured by the third party and not by the organization that owns the systems. This wide-open approach leads to significant gaps in security and compliance. As Gartner notes in its 2012 report entitled “Hype Cycle for Identity and Access Management Technologies” organizations should:

“Adopt a ‘least privilege’ model for granting privileges, including superuser privileges. It is not good practice for administrators [or 3rd party users] to use a privileged account for mundane activities… there is a need for the organization to have more granular control over and visibility into the way that these [administrator] privileges are granted and used.”

Centrify allows you to establish individual accountability by having all users log in as themselves instead of relying on shared accounts. Elevated privileges are assigned in a granular fashion to allow third parties to perform their duties without requiring shared accounts. All user activity is audited and each session is recorded for complete visibility and control. Centrify Server Suite allows you to implement a least privileged access approach for third-party users with a unified solution across all of your Windows, UNIX and Linux systems.

Key Benefits
  • Ensure individual accountability of privileged account access while eliminating anonymous access altogether
  • Establish a ‘least privileged access’ model with granular role-based access to individual commands
  • Quickly meet compliance requirements with central reports of ‘who has access to what’ and ‘what did they do with that access’ including detailed privileged session auditing