Regulatory Compliance

Centrify addresses the specific requirements of key industry regulations with a unified identity platform that helps you control, audit and report on access to sensitive data while reducing complexity and keeping users productive.

What is Regulatory Compliance?

In order to reassure the public that confidential data such as credit cards and health records are kept private, many industries must adhere to specialized security and auditing regulations.

Granular Access Rights

Grant access and privileges based on business need-to-know


Enforce separation of duties and grant just the privileges needed

Detailed Auditing

Capture and report on user activity with detailed session recordings


Why Regulatory Compliance?

Major industry compliance regulations require companies and agencies to link access controls, provide role-based privileges and track user activity to identifiable users. Failure to comply can lead to penalties or the loss of business accreditations, as well as public loss of confidence that can affect brand and image. Companies need a cost-effective solution that leverages existing infrastructure and enables consolidated, centralized management of user identities combined with user authentication, role-based access control, and session recording and reporting services to meet compliance auditing requirements.



Link access rights, permissions and audited activity to a single user identity


Enforce separation of duties and access control with Centrify's unique Zone-based access controls


Implement least-privilege security on Windows, UNIX, and Linux


Increase security for classified information by isolating and protecting systems holding sensitive information


Capture detailed audit logs and user session recordings across systems


Eliminate risky shared accounts with authentication and SSO by leveraging existing Active Directory identities

Regulatory Compliance Solutions


Address rigorous reporting requirements for the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) with scheduled, packaged and customizable attestation reports representing “who has access to what” and detailed privileged session auditing.

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Simplify Sarbanes-Oxley auditing requirements with a cost-effective solution that leverages existing identity infrastructure.

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Monetary Authority of Singapore

Implement granular, role-based security, session audits and access controls on audited systems, providing the level of accountability required by MAS Technology Risk Management guidelines.

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Centrify Identity Platform

Protect against the leading cause of cyberthreats — compromised credentials — with a complete set of solutions to secure the modern enterprise.

  • All Users: Employees, contractors, privileged users, partners, customers
  • All Apps: Cloud or on premises
  • All Resources: Network infrastructure, outsourced IT, Mac and mobile devices
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