Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Solutions

Passwords are the weakest link in your security. They offer inadequate protection against cyber attacks, data breaches and fraud. Centrify strengthens security with adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA) across enterprise identities and resources — without frustrating users.


What is Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) adds a layer of security that allows companies to protect against the leading cause of data breach — compromised credentials. Users provide extra information or factors when they access corporate applications, networks and servers. Multi-factor authentication uses a combination of the following factors:

Something You Know
Why MFA - Passwords, PIN or Username

Username, password, PIN or security questions

Something You Have
Smartphone, one time passcode or Smart Card, Why MFA

Smartphone, one-time passcode or Smart Card

Something You Are
Biometrics, fingerprint, retina scans, voice, why MFA

Biometrics, like your fingerprint, retina scans or voice recognition

Why MFA Infographic, Multi Factor Authentication Infographic by Centrify, Benefits of MFA

Why MFA Everywhere?

With so many credentials having been compromised and made available to attackers, password-based security is no longer effective. Because multi-factor authentication (MFA) requires multiple methods for identification, it’s one of the best ways to prevent unauthorized users from accessing corporate data.

But applying MFA for only certain apps, users, or resources, still leaves your organization exposed. Implementing MFA across every user (end-users and privileged users), and every IT resource (cloud and on-premises apps, VPN, endpoints, servers and privilege elevation) blocks cyberattacks at multiple points in the attack chain — and protects against compromised credentials.

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Adaptive MFA Authentication Methods

Benefits of Centrify Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)


Bolster security for every enterprise user — end and privileged users, internal and external


Balance convenience, cost and security with adaptive MFA


Eliminate security gaps with one consistent set of authentication policies


Protect across enterprise resources — cloud and on-prem apps, VPNs, endpoints, servers, privilege elevation and more


Reduce cost and complexity with an integrated identity platform


Make MFA easy for your users

Centrify Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Solutions


Secure App Access

Users need anytime, anywhere access to their apps — cloud, mobile and on-premises. As the number of apps grow, so does password risk, making strong authentication even more critical. Centrify helps mitigate password risk with adaptive multi-factor authentication integrated with single sign-on (SSO).


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Secure VPN Access

Today’s mobile and remote workforce needs anytime access. VPNs are one way companies provide that access. But any behind the firewall access poses a significant security risk. A number of high profile data breaches started with attackers compromising VPN credentials. Centrify lets you reduce VPN risk with multi-factor authentication for any VPN that supports RADIUS.
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Secure Privileged Access

IT administrators who access critical resources are a common attack point to reach your corporate “keys to the kingdom.” By adding a second authentication factor requirement to security policies, attackers are unable to gain privileged access without possessing the physical device or email address needed to complete the authentication process.
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Adaptive Authentication

Stronger security is good, but not if it slows your users down. You need stronger and smarter security based on context. Centrify allows you to progressively challenge for MFA with flexible, context-based policies. Incorporate location, device details, network, time of day, user attributes and more. Thwart attackers, not your users.
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Secure Windows PCs

Granting access to Windows PCs with just a password presents a huge risk to businesses. Centrify integrates hassle-free MFA for Windows login to stop password-based attacks. Thanks to adaptive MFA and integrated SSO, IT gets added security, and users get easy access to the apps and endpoints they need – with just their domain credentials.
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Multi-factor Authentication Across Your Users


Product Management


Lead Generation



Multi-factor Authentication Across your Resources







How Centrify MFA Compares to Others

Multi-factor Authentication for...

Centrify Cloud MFA vendors Cloud SSO vendors
server login logoServer login X X
pm logoPrivileged commands X
password checkout logoPassword checkout X
vpn logoVPN access X X X
cloud apps logoCloud apps (SaaS) X X X
on-premises apps logoOn-premises apps X X
laptop mobile logoEndpoints X X

Best Practices Brief

The Top 5 Application Security Risks

Applications — and the sensitive data within them — are everywhere and so are the users that need to access them. But making cloud and on-premises apps available to onsite, remote, and mobile employees can introduce security risks. Make sure you’ve got these top five covered.

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