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Centrify DirectControl Agent for Mac — macOS 10.13 High Sierra

What is it?

Centrify is pleased to continue its tradition of offering customers day one support for the latest macOS operating system. An updated version of the Centrify DirectControl agent for Mac is now available for to support macOS High Sierra.

Important Note: Action Required

The High Sierra release of macOS is incompatible with previous versions of the Centrify DirectControl Agent for Mac due to an unexpected library conflict. Failure to update the Centrify agent prior to upgrading to High Sierra will result in login failures for network accounts and local admin accounts. It is critical to ensure that you prevent users from upgrading to High Sierra prior to updating the Centrify DirectControl Agent. If you find that some users have upgraded to High Sierra ahead of the Centrify agent update please see the following KB for restoring authentication: KB-9048: Login fails after installing macOS High Sierra with Centrify DirectControl Agent for Mac.

If you have deployed our Group Policy to block the execution of the High Sierra update please note that this requires a user to logout and log back in before the block is effective. We understand that this is problematic and we have provided an additional mechanism to ensure logout is not required. Our KB for blocking High Sierra has been updated with instructions to ensure the policy will be effective as soon as the policy is applied to the system. Please see the updated instructions on KB-5765: How to block OS X updates via Group Policy for details.

Who needs this?

  • Admins who are preparing for Apple’s High Sierra rollout and need to update Centrify to enable Macs with the latest DirectControl agent.

System Requirements:

Updating to High Sierra:

  • Install the latest version of Centrify DirectControl Agent for Mac (5.4.2 available below) before updating to macOS High Sierra. Please be aware the current supported Centrify DirectControl Agent for Mac 5.4.1 will not install on High Sierra. This is expected behavior. If you have already updated to High Sierra, you can install version 5.4.2 or later.

Fresh install of High Sierra:

  • Only the Centrify DirectControl Agent for Mac 5.4.2 (available below) and later will install on High Sierra.

Download Links:

Not ready to upgrade to High Sierra?

KB-5765: How to block OS X updates via Group Policy provides information on how to leverage Centrify Group Policies to block the macOS 10.13 High Sierra preview update.